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Improved tray washer makes wash-up work easier than ever

The FTT cleans up to 22 trays per minute. Dry and stacked, they are immediately ready to be used again

A clean and dry tray every three seconds:

Offenburg – The FTT tray washer from HOBART is an important helper in the foodservice industry. Not only do glasses, dishes and cutlery need to be hygienically washed, but large quantities of used trays also find their way back to the wash-up area. With the new version of the FTT, dishwashing staff will be able to handle their tasks even more efficiently. The tried-and-tested machine with new features will be available from 1 October 2021.

New design and new control system
The newly designed front of the machine places the INFOTRONIC control at eye level – making it possible to operate the dishwasher practically while walking past. Not only are temperatures displayed in colour, there are more functions than in the previous model – such as the autostart programme. The FTT comes with two speed levels as standard – with an option for a third level. This means that up to 22 trays per minute can be hygienically washed and dried without any problems.

Ergonomics and full control
The tray stacker in combination with the tray buffer control can be operated via the display. It shows when they tray is 80 or 100 percent full or when the tray cart is missing.

The signal light on top of the machine also makes it easy for employees to see when it's time to take action. If the tray trolley is 80 percent full, they are warned so that they can replace it with an empty one in just a few simple steps. Not only are machine downtimes a thing of the past, but also the carrying of heavy trays.

High level of economy thanks to energy recovery
Reducing costs, increasing efficiency, protecting the environment: with the CLIMATE or CLIMATE-PRO energy-saving systems, FTT not only prevents energy loss, but also reduces operating costs. Energy from the machine’s warm exhaust air is almost completely recirculated via a sophisticated heat recovery system with condensers and heat pump. This can save up to 12 kWh. In addition to reducing operating costs and minimizing energy losses, this also improves the indoor climate. As a result of constantly low exhaust air temperatures, there is no need for a direct exhaust air connection of the machine to the ventilation system.

Colour coding makes for easy cleaning
All removable parts that must be cleaned daily are marked in blue. Also colour coded are the curtains, which separate the different wash zones. This prevents errors when reinserting and makes cleaning work easier for the staff.

Full control via app
With the help of the HOBART SmartConnect app users have a full overview of all relevant machine data at any time. The app connects all HOBART kitchen devices: warewash machines, cooking and food prep devices. Keeping an eye on runtimes, capacities, detergent consumption, maintenance and even errors, companies can avoid shutdowns and save costs.

Further information on the new FTT tray washer can be found at this link:

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