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HOBART develops special warewash models to maintain delivery capacities

PROLITE: this is the name of the new dishwasher line from Offenburg-based warewashing manufacturer HOBART. To overcome their supply chain issues, bought about by a global shortage of microchips, HOBART has taken the steps to develop and launch a special dishwashing range with a simplified control system that still offers their customer’s the expected high performance from a HOBART dishwasher.

Offenburg, Germany – Due to the pandemic the global industry is suffering from prolonged supply difficulties. HOBART, the world market leader in commercial warewashing, is also affected by disruptions in its supply chains – particularly regarding components used in the VISIOTRONIC-TOUCH single-button control display panel. In order to still be able to offer their customers high-quality warewashing solutions with reliable delivery periods, HOBART has designed a new special dishwasher line named PROLITE.

““The current material bottlenecks became apparent as early as the beginning of last year. We immediately started looking for workarounds at an early stage. These unprecedented circumstances called for urgent actions,” explains Manfred Kohler, Vice President Sales and Manufacturing at HOBART GmbH, adding: “With PROLITE, we have not only succeeded in maintaining our ability to deliver long term, but we can also support our customers by quickly offering them professional and reliable warewashing technology on short lead times.”

PROLITE model overview
The new PROLITE product line includes no less than seven models, including various versions of HOBART undercounter dishwashers for glassware and dishes, as well as several hood-type models. All the dishwashers in the product line are equipped with a proven and tested electronic control system with digital temperature indication, ensuring easy operation. Additionally, all PROLITE dishwashers have three different programmes as well as the self-cleaning function.
Low water consumption is continued throughout the PROLITE range – just like all models of the HOBART PROFI line. Depending on the model only 2 litres per rack are required. All HOBART dishwashers guarantee durability, reliability, impeccable hygiene and wash results and fast availability.

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